Start times will be posted shortly after registration closes. 

Below are each team's start time. The last wave this year, for one fast team, is 10:00 AM. Your requested start time was either honored or is real close to the range you requested. The estimated finish time is a very conservative estimate based on your pace entered in the database. It is our educated guess for planning purposes.

Each wave will go off on time. Teams should show up at the start 40 - 60 minutes (5:00 AM wave 30 - 40 minutes) before their start time to go through the check-in process. While the whole team is not required to be at the start, each team is responsible for having all their waivers (including team supplied volunteers) and required safety equipment for the check in. If your Van 2 has their safety equipment and doesn't come to the start, you will not will not be permitted to start until your Van 2 shows up to show us the equipment. You'll then have to drive ahead, skipping legs, to get where you would have been if you started on time.

If you are late to the start, you will not be able to start at a later time. You will need to drive ahead and start running where you would have been if you had arrived on time.

We manage the relay (via cutoff times at exchanges) so all teams finish by 4:30 PM on Saturday. This is based on a 10:30 pace for a team that started at 5:00 AM. Some of your estimated arrival times are well past the 4:30 PM time. This could be due to us adding 9% to each 12-person team's average 10k pace (18% for Ultra teams). That is our experience of how much slower a team is compared to their normal 10k time. So if you entered a slower than your real 10k time, that is why our estimate may be much later than you will actually arrive at the finish. But if your estimated finish time is after 4:30 PM, or you start falling behind the pace you expect, you need to pay close attention to the Exchange Cut-off Times as they will be enforced.

Please review the Relay Handbook and/or Leg Map book for the firm cut-off times at different points along the route. If a team has not reached these points by the cut off time, the team will have to skip a leg(s) by driving ahead. Teams will not be disqualified, but will be reclassified as Helter Skelter teams. Teams who refuse to jump ahead to stay ahead of the exchanges closing, will be disqualified from the race.

The finish line meal and the beer garden will open at 10:00 AM so plan accordingly if you arrive before then. You are welcome to hang out at the finish, but that is when food service will start.

The LAST DAY a request to change a start time is Friday July 21st. There is a $100 fee to change your start time. After July 21st, no start time changes will be made.

If your team category has changed, please let us know. You can let us know as late as the start if you want to change in Category.



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