Green Mountain Relay

Over the River and Through the Woods

1st Annual GMR ~ June 10-11, 2006

001-1030 Start

002-1030 Start

003-Leg 8

004-Leg 8

005-Leg 8

006-Leg 8

007-Volunteers Exch 8

008-9-Volunteers Exch 8

009-Exchange 8

010-Pine Brook Covered Bridge

011-Pine Brook Covered Bridge

012-Pine Brook Covered Bridge

013-Pine Brook Covered Bridge

014-Warren Covered Bridge

015-Warren Covered Bridge

016-Warren Covered Bridge

017-Warren Covered Bridge

018-Warren Covered Bridge

019-Warren Covered Bridge

020-Leg 11

021-Leg 11

022-Leg 11

023-Leg 11

024-Leg 11

025Leg 11

026-Leg 11

027-Leg 11

028-Leg 11

029-Leg 11

030-Leg 11

031-Leg 11

032-Team dinner Pasta Pot

033-Exchange 26

034-Exchange 26

035-Exchange 26











046-Chiselville Covered Bridge

047-Chiselville Covered Bridge

048-Chiselville Covered Bridge

049-Chiselville Covered Bridge

050-Chiselville Covered Bridge

051-Chiselville Covered Bridge

052-Chiselville Covered Bridge

053-Chiselville Covered Bridge

054-Vile Adventurers Finish

055-Vile Adventurers Finish

056-Vile Adventurers Finish

057-Vile Adventurers Finish

058-12 Watts Finish

059-12 Watts Finish

060-12 Watts Finish

061-12 Watts Finish

062-12 Watts Finish

063-12 Watts Finish

064-Justice League Finish

065-Justice League Finish

066-Justice League Finish

067-Justice League Finish

068-Justice League Finish

069-Justice League Finish

070-Justice League Finish

071-Turf Surfer's Finish

072-Turf Surfer's Finish

073-Turf Surfer's Finish

074-Turf Surfer's Finish

075-Poachers Nightmares Finish

076-Poachers Nightmares Finish

077-Poachers Nightmares Finish

078-Poachers Nightmares Finish

079-CT River Runners Finish

080-CT River Runners Finish

081-CT River Runners Finish

082-CT River Runners Finish

083-CT River Runners Finish

084-Route 202 Road Trip Finish

085-Route 202 Road Trip Finish

086-Route 202 Road Trip Finish

087-Wissahickon Wanderers Finish

088-Wissahickon Wanderers Finish

089-Wissahickon Wanderers Finish

090-Henry David's Harriers Finish

091-Henry David's Harriers Finish

092-Henry David's Harriers Finish

092a-Henry David's Harriers

093-Vermont Hot Shoes Finish

094-Vermont Hot Shoes Finish

095-Vermont Hot Shoes Finish

096-Vermont Hot Shoes Finish

097-Vermont Hot Shoes Finish

098-Vermont Hot Shoes Finish

099-Vermont Hot Shoes Finish

100-Valley Uppers Finish

101-Valley Uppers Finish

102-Valley Uppers Finish

103-Ritalin Kids Finish

104-Ritalin Kids Finish

105-Ritalin Kids Finish

106-Concord Academy Track Club Finish

107-Concord Academy Track Club Finish

108-Concord Academy Track Club Finish

109-Wissahickon Witches Finish

110-Wissahickon Witches Finish

111-Wissahickon Witches Finish

112-Ellen's Fleet Flock of Flycatchers Finish

113-Ellen's Fleet Flock of Flycatchers Finish

114-Ellen's Fleet Flock of Flycatchers Finish

115-Ellen's Fleet Flock of Flycatchers Finish

116-Ellen's Fleet Flock of Flycatchers Finish

117-Runner's of MASS Dysfunction Finish

118-Runner's of MASS Dysfunction Finish

119-Runner's of MASS Dysfunction Finish





Copy of 012-Pine Brook Covered Bridge

Copy of 024-Leg 11