2020 Finisher Medal Designs

We're excited with the designs for our 2020 finisher medals for the Wild West Relay and Flaming Foliage Relay.

The Wild West Relay medal is again based on an Old West theme. Last year it was a sheriff's badge; this year it's a horseshoe. The color will not be what is in the design art below; the different shades of grey were used to show areas that would be raised or recessed. The medals will be about four inches tall. The "ribbon" will be a rawhide string to give it even more of an old west vibe.

2020 wwr medal art

We're really excited about the Flaming Foliage Relay medals. 2020 will be the first in a series of medals for the next four years. Each year will be of a different leaf of a tree common in the Rockies in it's autumn colors: Maple, Aspen, Oak, and Alder. After four years when the collection is complete, the Colorado state logo will be visible in the center. Plus, in 2023, if I understood the manufacturer correctly, a metal ring with screws will come with each medal so all four medals can be attached together. Each medal will be about four inches tall, so it will make for an impressive and unique display.

FFR Leaf Medal art

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Grab your friends and dress up for this adult sleepover (that also happens to be a 200-mile race)

The Wild West Relay and the Flaming Foliage Relay were featured in an article by Denver Post columnist John Meyer: Grab your friends and dress up for this adult sleepover (that also happens to be a 200-mile race)

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Must Do Road Races in Colorado in 2018

The Wild West Relay and the Flaming Foliage Relay were listed in the 17 must-do races in Colorado in 2018.

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2016 Colorado Mountain Goat Club Members Announced

The 2016 members of the Roads Less Traveled Relays Colorado Mountain Goat Club were announced. These runners completed the Wild West Relay in August, and the Flaming Foliage Relay in September.

Stephen Anson Golden, CO
Michael Brenner Lakewood, CO
Telo Chavez Lakewood, CO
Stephanie Crecca Fort Collins, CO
LeAnne Davis Hudson, CO
Ned Davis Hudson, CO
Seth Duhon-Thornton Littleton, CO
Trish Duque Mesilla Park, NM
Barry Eakins Boulder, CO
Penelope Flashner Fort Collins, CO
Flint Freeman Loveland, CO
Bonnie Huey Fort Collins, CO
Julie George Denver, CO
Laura Hale Boulder, CO
Steve Hanson Las Cruces, NM
Matt Holmes Thornton, CO
Matt Holmes Thornton, CO
Chris Jacobson Fort Collins, CO
Jennifer Jacobson Greeley, CO
Art Long Greeley, CO
Brent Loomis Commerce City, CO
Laura Loretz Fort Collins, CO
Erik Matson Littleton, CO
Gary Moses Castle Rock, CO
Ron Nelson Colorado Springs, CO
Ken Osoba Castle Rock, CO
Lauren Perfors Greeley, CO
Steven Perfors Wheat Ridge, CO
Stormy Phillips Tulsa, OK
Rugger Reiman Fort Collins, CO
Travis Shaver Denver, CO
Derrick Wessels Fort Collins, CO

 All members received a unique belt buckle for their accomplishment.

Belt Buckle

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