+++ Complete both Wild West Relay and Flaming Foliage Relay in Same Year and Earn a Colorado Mountain Goat Belt Buckle+++
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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

"The Road Not Taken," Robert Frost

Registration for the December 8th Civil War Relay is open!

Registration for the 2020 Wild West Relay on August 7th - 8th Opens November 1st.

Registration for the 2020 Flaming Foliage Relay on September 11th - 12th Opens November 1st.

"... it was the most fun I've ever had while running." John Meyer, Denver Post

"...it just felt to me like a big love in for running and for Colorado, which made the relay even more special to me." KJ Boulder

Is there anything more fun than a road trip? You pile a bunch of like-minded souls into a car and set off to explore wild and beautiful places in the spirit of camaraderie and adventure. Now consider taking your running one step further by getting out and running your next road trip, in Colorado! Explore scenic and special places far from your normal running routes and redundant race courses, and make it even more special by doing it with a group of friends or family.

Welcome to Road Less Traveled Relays, a small runner owned company dedicated to putting on relay races. Our relays will take you through beautiful landscapes and across diverse and challenging terrain in some of the most iconic locations in the country. With events in Colorado and Oregon, we have designed races that are achievable by all levels of runners. While each course is unique in terms of terrain, distance, and difficulty, all of our races have one thing in common: a friendly vibe and an incredible, runner-focused experience.


There are other running relays out there, so what makes RLT Relays different?  Our focus is threefold.

First, you - the runner - is our priority. Our races were designed by runners, for runners, with industry leading innovations and organization that put the experience of the runner first. What that means for you is a race experience unlike any that you've had before. Our goal is simple: we want you and your friends to go out, challenge yourselves, have an amazing time, and make some memories that you'll never forget.

Second, we have searched out scenic, rural routes to make your experience more unique.. We take the road less traveled.

And third, we give back to the communities our races pass through through our Volunteers With a Purpose program.


While each of our relays has its own unique character, the idea is the same: You and your friends pile into a van and set off for the running adventure of a lifetime. You support each other, cheer for each other, and keep each other awake when the night gets long. You might cry, you'll almost certainly laugh, and you'll build memories and bonds that will last a lifetime.

Our races range from shorter 50-mile "sprint" distances to overnight 200-mile epics. The courses are divided up into multiple legs that vary in distance and difficulty so that there is a leg to suit nearly every runner. Team size depends on the length of the race (see specific race pages for details), but rest assured that no matter how many of your friends you can entice into joining your team, you will have a blast and challenge your previously perceived limits.

Our long distance relays consist of 10 or 12 (maximum) or 5 or 6-person (Ultra) teams that rotate through 30 or 36 legs as they cover the 165 - 200-mile route. This means each team member runs 3 legs (6 for Ultra teams) of varying distances, averaging a total of 17 miles (33 for Ultra teams). One person is running at a time, while the rest of the team is cheering or resting. At the end of each leg, the next runner on the team takes off when your current runner arrives - thus a "relay." The adventure is that your team will run all day, through the night, and then finish the next day.

Sprint relays consist of teams of 5, are about 50 miles long, and are divided up into 25 legs of about 2 miles each. Thus, there is a fast turn-over of runners.

But it's not all about running; it's also about having fun. The camaraderie that happens on the team (and amongst the teams) is a big part of what makes our races so special. We encourage you to throw on some costumes, decorate your van, and get to know your fellow runners. In short: we want you to have a freaking blast out there. This is about building a sense of community both on and off the race course.


Wild West Relay


Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs

200 Miles

Since 2004

Flaming Foliage Relay


Idaho Springs to Buena Vista

265 Miles

Since 2013

Civil War Relay


Alternates Albany to Eugene/Eugene to Albany

50 Mile Sprint Relay

Since 2009


Runners who complete both the Wild West Relay and the Flaming Foliage Relay in the same year, earn a Colorado Mountain Goat Belt Buckle (4" x 3").

buckle 500x384


We organize our relay races with one thing in mind: you. Keeping the runner in the forefront of our minds during the development and execution of our relays has allowed us to implement multi-component running events that benefit both the runner and the community.

Our relay races are developed to not only provide an unforgettable experience for the runner, but to also support the surrounding communities. That's why we created our non-profit Volunteers With a Purposeprogram - to involve and give back to local non-profit organizations and communities around each relay race's area.

What's more, we ensure a positive race experience for you with a sensitivity to the area. We cap our relay race entries to ensure that the course isn't overcrowded, and so we can stage a race on the most scenic and picturesque trails an area has to offer.

The building of camaraderie between your team and those you are running against, as well as sleep deprivation, van decorations, costumes, and silly inside jokes adds to the fun and uniqueness of a relay race.

If you've never done a relay before, or are considering being a team captain for the first time, please read Relay 101.


One of the things that makes our races really special is that we're not just trying to provide a positive experience for our runners. We're also trying to help the communities that our races run through. We have raised and distributed over $270,000 for local charities through our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Volunteers with a Purpose, Inc. See each race's Volunteer Options page for more information (we pioneered the concept of giving teams the option to involving non-profit organizations in relays as the race marshals through a donation - we are the only relay that does this through a non-profit organization making your donation tax deductible and transparent).

We also donate 1% of our total revenue to environmental organizations through our membership in 1% For the Planet.


  • Designing courses that give each participant a great running experience
  • Working with the communities along the course, so you'll feel welcomed
  • Actively soliciting participant feedback so we can keep improving
  • Improving relay racing for all with our industry-leading innovations
  • Raising funds to involve and support local non-profit organizations
  • Reducing our environmental impact through noise control and green practices: we donate one percent of our total revenue to environmental organizations through our membership with 1% For the Planet (since 2006).

We invite you to take a look at our races and to celebrate running with us.


The Wild West Relay is such a great Colorado race - Denver Post Aug 2014

Your races are SUPERBLY RUN and the standard by which all relay events should be judged.
MT, Denver CO

My first year with your relay though I had competed in several other versions in the past.  Your event stands head and shoulders above the other two companies I have experience with.
BW, Wheat Ridge CO

Thank you so much for an extraordinarily well-run (pun intended) event. I can’t believe how smoothly this race went—extending over such a big chunk of the state, over an extended period of time, and involving so many runners and volunteers. You clearly have put a great deal of thought and love into the relay.

I want to call out a few things that struck me as being very special about the FFR. The first is that everyone involved in the race, from the race director through every last volunteer and runner I interacted with, was kind, polite, and positive. I have NEVER encountered that; it just felt to me like a big love in for running and for Colorado, which made the relay even more special to me. The other thing that I noticed was the quality of the maps, directions, and signage. A great deal of care was taken for accuracy, which helped my own confidence about running at night and in crappy weather. I knew that you weren’t going to lose me!

I knew before the FFR from word of mouth that it was a good event, but now I feel like a FFR evangelist. I’m looking forward to next year’s race, and I hope to bring some new-to-relays runners with me.

KJ, Boulder CO

Our team just ran the Wild West relay for the second time - our first one was four years ago. Four years ago we couldn't appreciate how well organized this race was, our first one hadn't taught us the lessons of a poorly organized relay yet. The past few years we have done other relays in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. Yours by far has the absolute best organization, setup, and volunteer base that we have ever seen.  I know you pull your volunteers from a third-party organization, but you are ultimately the one responsible for making sure they are prepared to do their job and they clearly are. They are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and chipper which is all a team can ask for at 4am when they are rolling into an exchange point on zero sleep and miles and miles down in 90+ degree weather.  Additionally, your leg maps, handbooks, and many many emails go above and beyond.  I am sure your job is a difficult and a stressful one and we all just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your obvious passion for your job.  We look forward to our next RLT Relay! AB, Casper WY

When you start this adventure you think this is just about being crazy and running; but, you soon learn this is about relationships and analogous to life in general. In the early legs of life you start with ambition, energy and excitement. In the tougher legs of life you rely on your friends, will and desire or determination to get you through.
SK, Arvada CO

We were extremely impressed by the Wild West Relay. You could not have picked and designed a more beautiful course! Your course challenged us and provided us with memories that will last a lifetime. CD Littleton, CO


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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our relay races.

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Runner Blogs

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Relay Photos

Curious how scenic our races are? Here are photos taken during our relay races.

CO Mnt Goat Club

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