Thanks for volunteering to help during the Heartland Relay! The smooth running of the race is largely dependent on your efforts, so thank you!

Volunteer assignments will be selected online the week after registration closes three weeks before race day. Captains and the volunteers entered in the database will receive an email at least two days in advance to announce the date and time the process will go live. Please understand it is first come/first serve.

The following chart shows which exchanges were staffed by the non-profit groups funded by the team's donations to Volunteers With a Purpose, Inc. and which exchanges were staffed by the volunteers supplied by teams last year. These allotments are dependent on the number of teams that register, and the number of teams that choose to supply volunteers or choose the non-profit volunteer option, so it could change this year.

As the close of registration approaches, the number of volunteers needed at each exchange, and the times the exchanges are staffed in table below will be updated. The minimum number of volunteers at any exchange is two (2).

Click on the link in the "Exchange" column to get the map of the location of the exchange, notes about the exchange, and a map of the layout of the exchange.

You should review these notes so you know what to expect before you show up for your shift. There will be a notebook at the exchange with these maps and notes.

Also print out and read the Volunteer Handbook which explains what to bring, what to expect, and more. And remember, you need to sign a waiver to volunteer. Team volunteers need to hand in their volunteer's signed waivers at the start.

Chart of available locations will be posted closer to race day.


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