Wild West Relay Exchange 30 Camping

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Wild West Relay Exchange 30 Camping

Location: Sage field .2 miles east of Exchange 30 on the north side of Hwy 14. PRIVATE LAND - this is the first (not the second) opening in the fence east of the Exchange.


From Denver: go west on I-70 to Silverthorne. Go north on Hwy 9 to Kremmling. Take US 40 North to Hwy 14. Then:

From Steamboat Springs: Take US 40 east over Rabbit Ears Pass to Hwy 14. Then:

From Intersection of US 40 and Hwy 14: go east towards Walden on Hwy 14 for 2.8 miles to the long dirt pullout on the northwest (left) side of the road.

From Fort Collins: go west on Hwy 14 up Poudre Canyon over Cameron Pass to Walden. Then:

From Laramie: Go south on Hwy 230 for 27.7 miles to the intersection of Hwy 10 to Woods Landing. From Woods Landing: go south on Hwy 230 to Walden. Then:

From Walden: go west on Hwy 14 towards Steamboat Springs for 31.6 miles.

Volunteer Parking: Park just inside the fence to the right.

Unique to this Exchange:

This is the CAMPING AREA .2 miles before Exchange 30. You probably will only have INACTIVE VANS (Yellow signs) stopping here. THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY - they have been nice enough to allow us to use this as a camping area so make sure runners DO NOT leave any trash.

Parking Monitor - up to 4; P1 stands at the entrance and directs vans to P2 & P3. Direct vans to park close together up against the yellow ribbon. IF YOU DO NOT PROACTIVELY DIRECT VANS TO PARK CLOSE TOGETHER, THEN YOU WILL RUN OUT OF SPACE. Runners are NOT PERMITTIED to camp where van parking is; they must camp on the opposite side of the yellow ribbon.
Camping Monitor - 1; this person monitors the trash and recycle bins to make sure they are not overflowing, replacing bags as necessary, monitors the water and Cytomax supplies, refilling as necessary, and patrols the entire area to make sure no one is sleeping on the ground in the parking area. Runners can sleep inside the van or on the other side of the yellow ribbon marking the parking area.

When there are only a few vans left and it's obvious the camping area is about to close down, please take down the yellow ribbon and pull up all the stakes. Put the ribbon in the trash and pile up all the stakes with the other equipment to make it easy for the sweep truck to load it all.

Equipment at the Exchange will be:
A notebook with Exchange Instructions
1 Orange Safety Vest per volunteer
1 Orange Flag and/or Lighted Baton (for night exchanges) for each Parking Monitor for directing vans
Garbage can, extra garbage bags and toilet paper

After the last team/runner, Volunteers should sweep the area and pick up any trash, tie off the garbage bags, and collect all the equipment. Volunteers need to wait until the sweep truck arrives to have their equipment checked in before leaving.

Exchange Notes:

The exchange equipment is stored in one of the portable toilets - if there is a lock, the combination is "195". In the portable toilet, you will find two orange looper tubes with a yellow ribbon and a trash can. The looper tubes are to designate the Runner Exchange Zone. In the trash can, you will find: a reflective safety vest for each volunteer - these must be worn by each volunteer. You will find: a reflective safety vest for each volunteer - these must be worn by each volunteer. You will also find garbage bags for the trash can, extra toilet paper, either red flags or red batons (these are for the parking monitors to use to direct All important paperwork is in the notebook: exchange time sheet, emergency contact phone numbers, and map of the exchange.

CAMPING AREA - See maps for details.

QUIET ZONE! - keep your noise and the noise of the runners to a minimum as there will be many runners trying to get some sleep!

Resting vans will show up early to preposition themselves to get some rest. Therefore, it is imperative the exchange be managed from the very beginning so as to maintain control. Being assertive is critical. If this area becomes full (not likely), direct people to camp at the far west end of the pullout that is Exchange 30. If this happens, one of the volunteers needs to move to this area to monitor it.

Parking Monitors - direct vans to park as shown in the map.

* For safety and insurance reasons, the wearing of headphones or ear buds (iPods) by active runners is prohibited and will cause the entire team to be disqualified. Make a note on the Exchange Time Sheet of any violations.
* Keeping the exchange clean of trash, and if at night, making sure runners keep the noise down - music off in vans, no shouting/cheering, no slamming of van doors
* If any teams do not follow your instructions, make a note of the team number and contact the Race Director
* Make sure runners stay off to the side of the road to prevent conflicts with active traffic.

* Proactively direct vans to park in designated areas utilizing either the red flag or lighted red baton included in with the exchange equipment.
* Does not allow vans to block or force runners onto the road by obstructing the shoulder.
* Allows only Active Vans to park in Exchanges. Both team vans may park in Van Exchanges (6, 12, 18, 24, 30).

ALL volunteers assist in keeping Exchanges clean. If the garbage can becomes full, tie off the bag and replace with an new garbage bag. Store full bags next to the portable toilet. Extra toilet paper was supplied so keep that available if it is needed. ll the garbage bags and stack near the portable toilet.



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