Wild West Relay Exchange 24



wwr Leg 24

Wild West Relay Exchange 24

Location: Parking lot of North Park High School in Walden - VAN EXCHANGE - QUIET ZONE


From Denver: go west on I-70 to US 40. Take US 40 past Empire, Winter Park, and Granby to Hwy 125. Go north on Hwy 125 to Walden (approximately 150 miles total). Then:

From Fort Collins: go west on Hwy 14 up Poudre Canyon over Cameron Pass to Walden. Then:

From Laramie: Go south on Hwy 230 for 27.7 miles to the intersection of Hwy 10 to Woods Landing. From Woods Landing: go south on Hwy 230 to Walden. Then:

From Walden: From the north, turn left on 3rd St for 3 - 4 blocks to Washington St; turn right into the High School parking lot. From the south, turn right on 4th street. Go 3 - 4 blocks to Washington St; turn left into the High School parking lot.

Volunteer Parking: Park in the large parking lot south of the school building.

Unique to this Exchange:

THIS IS A VAN EXCHANGE. Inactive vans will start arriving to eat and rest well before the runners start to arrive. QUIET ZONE!!!

INACTIVE VANS will have ORANGE signs and will start arriving well before the runners as they will be wanting to get some rest. ACTIVE VANS will have YELLOW or WHITE signs.

IMPORTANT - INACTIVE VANS should be directed to park in in the parking areas north of the school building first. Once those lots are filled, then you can direct vans to the larger lot south of the school. Direct ACTIVE VANs to park in the lot south of the school. There is additional parking along the streets and south of the football field behind the elementary school. See the Exchange Maps.

please look at Overview Map to understand the assignments. P1 & P2 are responsible for the parking area north of the school. P3 & P4 are positioned at the opposite corners of the paved parking lot. P5 (if available) is stationed at the Elementary School parking lot. P6 (if available) is assigned to the paved parking lot between the High School and the football field. P1 stands at the intersection opposite the baseball field and directs INACTIVE VANS to P2 who is in the parking lot north of the school. When this area fills, P2 moves and helps out P5; P1 then directs the INACTIVE VANS to P3 who then directs them to P4. P4 then directs INACTIVE VANS to P5 who works with P2 to assist the vans with parking. P3, P4, & P6 do not permit INACTIVE VANS to park in the High School parking lot UNLESS the other two areas are full. 2-way radios (for P1, P3, P4, and P5) are supplied to assist with communication.

When the ACTIVE VANS start arriving, P4 starts helping P6. P1 directs them to P3 who directs them to P6 & P4 who have them park efficiently to maximize the number of vans who can park here.

VERY IMPORTANT - There is NO CAMPING on the sports fields. Runners should be directed to set up tents in the Hanson Memorial Park opposite the front (west) of the school.

Parking monitors should remain in their areas to help direct runners around the complex. Information you should share with the runners: there will be showers, soup, and coffee available for a fee inside the building, the portable toilets are south of the building in the parking lot, and there are addition toilets inside the school building and locker room. Finally, camping is in the Hanson Memorial Park - any one found camping on the football or baseball field should be told to move to the Park.

SUNRISE is at 6:00 AM, so any runner who departs this exchange before 6:00 AM MUST be wearing their reflective vest, red blinking light, and be carrying a flashlight or headlamp. Any person exiting a van after sunset and before sunrise must also be wearing a reflective vest including non-running drivers

There will be a table with water jugs and Sports drink tablets or powder. Set the table up by the front entrance and runner exchange zone. Set the water jugs on the table (green ones underneath). Follow the instructions on the sports drink on whether to mix it in one of the water jugs or to allow the runners to make their own. Monitor the water and refill from the green jugs as necessary.

Put one trash can by the portable toilets, and the second trash can by the water table. It is all the volunteers' responsibility to monitor the trash and recycle bags making sure they don't overflow and replacing bags as necessary.

Exchange Monitor - 1
Spotter - 1
Parking Monitor - up to 6

Equipment at the Exchange will be:
A notebook with Exchange Instructions
1 Orange Safety Vest per volunteer
1 Orange Flag and/or Lighted Baton (for night exchanges) for each Parking Monitor for directing vans
Garbage can, extra garbage bags and toilet paper
Two orange traffic posts with yellow tape to designate the Runner Exchange Zone
Two-way radios
Table, water jugs, and Sports drink tablets/powder. Set the water jugs and Sports Drink on the table. Do not mix in the jugs; allow the runners to make their own.

After the last team/runner, Volunteers should sweep the area and pick up any trash, tie off the garbage bags, and collect all the equipment. Volunteers need to wait until the sweep truck arrives to have their equipment checked in before leaving.

Exchange Notes:


THIS IS A VAN EXCHANGE. Inactive vans will start arriving to eat and rest well before the runners start to arrive. The First Shift of Volunteers is scheduled to arrive 30 minutes BEFORE the first INACTIVE VAN is PROJECTED to arrive.

The second shift, if applicable, is scheduled to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled end of the first to allow time for the new race marshals to learn what to do.

The exchange equipment is stored in one of the portable toilets - look for the portable toilet with a lock. The combination is "195". In the portable toilet, you will find two orange looper tubes with a yellow ribbon and a trash can.

All the equipment is in the trash can. You will find: a reflective safety vest for each volunteer (these must be worn by each volunteer), garbage bags for the trash can, extra toilet paper, either red flags or red batons (these are for the parking monitors to use to direct traffic), a clipboard and pen, and a notebook. Remove all the equipment and set up the trash can with a garbage bag by the Portable Toilet. Tie all the extra garbage bags to the trash can handles so they are easily available when a bag fills up.

All important paperwork is in the notebook: exchange time sheet, staff contact phone numbers, Volunteer Responsibilities, and a map of the exchange. ALL VOLUNTEERS should review the map and volunteer responsibilities

The looper tubes are to designate the Runner Exchange Zone. Look at the Exchange map to learn where the runner exchange zone is located and spread the tubes apart there with the yellow ribbon tied to each post.

(1.) Reading and following the volunteer's responsibilities and duties to ensure a safe and smooth running exchange that respects the private property we have permission to use.
(2.) Setting up the exchange (placement of runner exchange area, directing relay vans to park ONLY in designated areas) as detailed in instructions and the exchange map
(3.) Enforcing the following rules:
a. No active runner should be permitted to leave the exchange if wearing ear buds/headphones/iPod. If a runner departs anyway, you must note their Team number (bib number) and contact the Race Director Immediately
b. Any active runner that comes into the Runner Exchange Zone wearing ear buds/headphones/iPod - note their Team number (bib number) and contact the Race Director Immediately
c. Runners should be using the portable toilets and not relieving themselves on private property
(4.) Keeping the trash and recycle bin under control. When the trash can becomes full, tie off the garbage bag and set it next to the portable toilets. Then put a new garbage bag in the can. Same with the recycle bin - there will be light blue trash bags for recycling only.
(5.) Policing the area, picking up any trash so that the area is as clean when we leave as when we arrived so we can use the area in following years.
(6.) Keep participant noise to a manageable level - during the night, keep runners quiet as there are can be residences close to the exchange area; this includes the shouting/cheering/loud talking of the runners, music/radios in the vans, slamming of van doors.

The first thing to do is to set up the Exchange EXACTLY as shown in the exchange map. Take the two looper tubes, make sure each end of the yellow ribbon is tied to a tube, and then place them spread apart in the location identified by the map. This is where the departing runner waits and the incoming runner must come to for the hand off. DO NOT LET THE RUNNERS DO THEIR EXCHANGE ANYWHERE BUT IN THE RUNNER EXCHANGE AREA. No changes can be made to the layout of the exchange without the approval of the race director or the zone coordinator. The map also designates general areas where each of the volunteers should be positioning themselves.

If it is not already in place, take the Exchange Sign (stored by the portable toilet) and place it near the entrance to Runner Exchange as shown in the Exchange Map.

VOLUNTEER DUTIES - you can decide amongst yourselves who will do which task:

* Your primary responsibility is to make sure the runners make the exchange in the runners exchange zone and to record each team's Runner Exchange time on the time sheet.
* Do not let any runners who are wearing headphones to depart
* If after sunset (approximately 8:30 PM) or before sunrise (approximately 5:10 AM), runners should not be permitted to depart without wearing the required safely gear: reflective vest, flashing red LED light on their backside, and a headlamp/flashlight.
* Note any negative incidents or rule violations and contact the race director immediately.
* Ensure that only outgoing runners wait near Runner Exchange Areas and that people are not obstructing the path of the incoming and outgoing runner.
* Prevent runners from being forced onto the road by spectators obstructing the shoulder.
* Request quiet at night near residential areas.
* Pick up any trash you might see

* Positions themselves 20 - 30 yards BEFORE the Runner Exchange Zone, not next to the Exchange monitor.
* Calls out team number on the bib of incoming runners so the correct outgoing runner will know their teammate is approaching and can enter the Runner Exchange Areas.
* Prevent runners from being forced onto the road by spectators obstructing the shoulder.
* Request quiet at night near residential areas.
* Pick up any trash you might see

* VERY IMPORTANT - Proactively direct vans to park ONLY in designated areas to best utilize the available space using either the red flag or lighted red baton included in with the exchange equipment to direct the vehicles..
* Do not permit vans to block or force runners onto the road by obstructing the shoulder.
* Vans may not park 500 feet BEFORE Exchanges on the runner's so incoming runners may view outgoing runners.
* Allow only Active Vans to park in Exchanges. Both team vans may park in Van Exchanges (6, 12, 18, 24, 30).
* Request quiet at night near residential areas.
* Pick up any trash you might see

ALL volunteers assist in keeping Exchanges clean. If the garbage can becomes full, tie off the bag and replace with an new garbage bag. Store full bags next to the portable toilet. It is also your responsibility to police the area before you leave and place any trash/litter in the trash bag. Tie up all the garbage bags and stack near the portable toilet.

Our SWEEP TRUCK will be following the last runner on the course and should arrive at the Runner Exchange just before or just after the last runner. You can start collecting all the gear and trash bags and pile it all together near the runner exchange zone to load onto the truck, but you need to wait for the sweep truck to check in your equipment before you leave.




Exch 24 map
Exch 24 map