Wild West Relay Exchange 00

wwr Leg 00

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Wild West Relay Exchange 00

Location: Budweiser Tour Center parking lot


From I-25: Take I-25 to Mountain Vista Drive - Exit 271. Then:

From Downtown Fort Collins: head east on Mulberry St (Hwy 14) to I-25. Go north on I-25 to the next exit, Mountain Vista Drive, Exit 271. Then:

From Exit 271: Turn west onto Larimer County Road 50 and then an immediate right (north) onto the Frontage Road (Busch Drive ) on the west side of I-25. The start is less than 1 mile on the left in the parking lot of the Budweiser Tour Center.

Volunteer Parking: The relay start area is going to be on the south end of the parking lot. Volunteers need to park in the grass field next to the parking lot.

Unique to this Exchange:

Volunteers must be able to lift 35 pounds.
Staffing - six non-profit volunteers to assist with the checking in of the race participants; up to six volunteers to be parking monitors.
Parking Monitors:
P1 - separates relay vans from personal autos. Personal autos are directed to the grass field to the south of the paved parking lot to park their vehicles, however, allow visitors to the Tour Center through and instruct them to park in the spaces close to the building
P2 - directs vans to go right or left based on communications of P3 and P4
P3 & P4 - directs vans where to park; keeps vans in the two eastern rows of the parking lot; can go one more row west ONLY IF the other two rows are full. Actively direct vans where to park - DO NOT LET VANS PARK WHERE EVER THEY WANT. You are in charge
If available, P5 - in directs private vehicles where to enter grass field and points to P6
If available, P6 - directs vehicles where to park utilizing space efficiently (not wasting space)

Volunteers will assist with the setup of the start area.

Exchange Notes:

This is the start for the Wild West Relay. Teams will be coming and going from 4:00 AM until the last wave (no later than 12:00 PM). Since we are guests of the Budweiser Tour Center, it is very important the relay vehicles park at the east end of the lot (towards the entrance and I-25) to save the spaces close to the visitor center for their guests who could start arriving as early as 9:00 AM. ALL vehicles that are parking at the start for the weekend MUST be directed to park on the green lawn south of the Tour Center parking lot. Any relay vehicles left in the paved parking lot will be towed.

Volunteers will assist the staff with the set-up and take-down of the start area, checking in the teams as they show up, directing the relay vans to parking, and keeping the area clean.

There are three different tasks unique to the start for those doing the check in process:

(1.) Collecting Waivers, Substitution Forms, and Substitution payment (2-3 people) - you will be provided with a notebook that has each team on a separate page. On the page will be a list of all the runners AND volunteers for that team that were entered it into the online relay database before it closed. Your responsibility will be to check off each individual waiver received with the team list. If a runner name is different, or a team is adding a runner, a Substitution Form is required (Substitution forms are not required for changes in volunteers). For each Substitution Form, there is a $15 fee, no exceptions!!! Cash or Checks only. Checks MUST be made out to "Timberline Events LLC." Staple the cash/checks to the BACK of substitution form and place in the PAID folder. If any waivers are missing, the team can not start. Waivers are required for any team drivers (no substitution form needed).

Some teams may have an invoice paper clipped to their fold. ALL invoices must be paid before the team is checked in. Again, staple the team's check to the invoice and place it in the Substitution Form folder.

Place all signed waivers in each team's folder and put folder back in order in the file box.

Any questions or uncertainty, please ask the Race Director.

(2.) Safety Check (1-2 people) - your responsibility is to make sure that each team has ALL the required equipment. Saying their other van has the required equipment is not acceptable. They've been informed ALL these items need to be at the start for the check-in.
2 flashlights or headlamps
6 reflective vests
2 flashing red LED lights
One sign per van: "CAUTION-RUNNER ON ROAD" (minimum 17 x 22 inches) to be attached to the rear of each teams two vehicles. These can be hand made but they must be legible - one sign for Ultra Teams; be careful, some teams try to get by with signs that are smaller than required. Also, some teams will tell you that the sign is already on the back of their van. Ask them to take a picture and to show it to you.
1 First Aid kit per vehicle
1 copy of the Relay Handbook and Map book per vehicle
1 Trash bag per vehicle

(3.) Distribute Team T-Shirts (1-2 people) - You will have a notebook with a sheet listing of each team member's name and the tech shirt size they ordered.
a. Find the bag that corresponds to the team.
b. Open the bag with the captain and check each shirt. You need to make sure there is the correct number of each style and size.
c. Pull any shirts of people that are no longer on their team (ex: they have made a substitution) unless the substitute will wear the same sized shirt. Place any pulled shirts in the extra shirts box (please keep shirts clean).
d. Once you have checked all the shirts, please have the captain sign the sheet in the notebook. This is them confirming that no shirts are missing and alll shirt sizes are correct. There is also a copy of the shirt size sheet in the bag so the captain can distribute the right shirt to each member of his or her team. If there are any shirts missing, send them to the race director who is two tables away.
e. Send them to Packet Pickup.
**If there are people wanting to switch tech shirt sizes, inform them to check with us at the finish line.

(4.) Parking - proProactively direct relay vehicles to specific parking spaces utilizing the red flags provided. Relay vans ONLY should be directed to park in the Budweiser Tour Center parking lot as shown on the exchange map. Non relay vehciles should be directed to park in the grass field to the south of the paved parking lot. Visitors to the Tour Center are permitted to park in the lot and should not be directed to the grass field.

At the end of your shift, walk around the parking lot to police the area and collect any trash.



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