Flaming Foliage Relay Leg 10 Intersection

ffr Leg 10

Flaming Foliage Relay Leg 10 Intersection

Location: Intersection of Michigan Creek Rd & Jefferson Lake Rd


From Denver: Take US 285 South through Bailey. Continue to Jefferson and turn right onto Michigan Creek Rd. Go 2 miles to the intersection of Jefferson Lake Rd.

Volunteer Parking: Park west of the intersection on the dirt road on the sides of Michigan Creek Rd.

Unique to this Exchange:

There is not enough room in inside the campground by the runner exchange for all team vehicles, so only the vans with ORANGE and WHITE signs can proceed past the Michigan Creek/Jefferson Lake intersection. ALL vans with YELLOW signs MUST park before entering the campground, at the intersection of Michigan Creek Rd and Jefferson Lake Rd. MAKE SURE VEHICLES ARE PARKED OFF THE ROAD SO THERE IS ROOM FOR THE OTHER TRAFFIC.

Parking Monitor Intersection - up to 3 at the intersection of Michigan Creek and Jefferson Lake Rds. Allow only vans with ORANGE and WHITE signs to proceed past this intersection to inside the campground - NO EXCEPTIONS. Vans with YELLOW signs must wait at the intersection. Direct the team vehicles to park on the shoulders of the road. See Exchange Map.

The Volunteer equipment for those stationed at the intersection is in the portable toilet there.

Teams vans with ORANGE signs will be stopping to pick up their Leg 11 runner from their vans with YELLOW signs. If a team says they need to drive their Leg 11 runner in to the exchange, tell them they need to stop a van with an ORANGE or WHITE sign and ask them to driver their Leg 11 runner in their for them.

Exchange Notes:

The First Shift of Volunteers is scheduled to arrive two hours BEFORE the first team is PROJECTED to arrive. This is to allow for team vans that may arrive really early. The closer to the start your exchange is located, the more likely this projection will be accurate. The further into the relay route, this projected time is dependent on numerous factors include how accurate team's projected pace is, as well as weather conditions, etc. A team could arrive early or could it could be a while.

The exchange equipment is stored in one of the portable toilets - if there is a lock, the combination is "195". In the portable toilet, you will find a trash can.

All the equipment is in the trash can. You will find: a reflective safety vest for each volunteer - these must be worn by each volunteer. You will also find garbage bags for the trash can, extra toilet paper, either red flags or red batons (these are for the parking monitors to use to direct traffic), and a notebook. Remove all the equipment and set up the trash can with a garbage bag by the Portable Toilet. Tie all the extra garbage bags to the trash can handles so they are easily available when the bags fill up.

All important paperwork is in the notebook: exchange time sheet, staff contact phone numbers, Volunteer Responsibilities, and a map of the exchange. ALL VOLUNTEERS should review the map and volunteer responsibilities

1. Reading and following the volunteer's responsiblitiies and duties to ensure a safe and smooth running exchange that respects the private property we have permission to use.
2. Setting up the exchange (placement of runner exchange area, directing relay vans to park ONLY in designated areas) as detailed in instructions and the exchange map
3. Enforcing the following rules: Runners should be using the portable toilets and not relieving themselves on private property
4. Keeping the trash and recycle bin under control. When the trash can becomes full, tie off the garbage bag and set it next to the portable toilets. Then put a new garbage bag in the can. Same with the recycle bin - there will be light blue trash bags for recycling only.
5. Policing the area, picking up any trash so that the area is as clean when we leave as when we arrived so we can use the area in following years.
6. Keep the roads clear for the local traffic.

The first thing to do is to set up the Exchange EXACTLY as shown in the exchange map. No changes can be made to the layout of the exchange without the approval of the race director or the zone coordinator. The map also designates general areas where each of the volunteers should be positioning themselves.

VOLUNTEER DUTIES - monitor the incoming vans and notice their sign colors. Direct them appropriately. Vans with YELLOW signs need to park along the sides of the road so as to no block other traffic.

* VERY IMPORTANT - Proactively direct vans to park ONLY in designated areas to best utilize the available space using either the red flag or lighted red baton included in with the exchange equipment to direct the vehicles..
* Pick up any trash you might see

ALL volunteers assist in keeping Exchanges clean. If the garbage can becomes full, tie off the bag and replace with an new garbage bag. Store full bags next to the portable toilet. It is also your responsibility to police the area before you leave and place any trash/litter in the trash bag.Tie up all the garbage bags and stack near the portable toilet.

Our SWEEP TRUCK will be following the last runner on the course and should arrive at the Runner Exchange just before or just after the last runner. You can start collecting all the gear and trash bags and pile it all together near the runner exchange zone to load onto the truck, but you need to wait for the sweep truck to check in your euipment before you leave.




Exch 10 map