Each runner runs one leg at a time; ALL teams must do a hand off at each exchange.


  • Men's - all men
  • Women's - all women
  • Open - any combination of men and women
  • Masters - an Open team with all members reaching the age of 40 this calendar year; a photocopy of each runner’s drivers license will be required to be submitted at the Start
  • High School - an open team where all team members are currently in middle or high school

Each person on a competitive 5-member team runs three legs of the race in rotation in the same order. And a complete and accurate time sheet is required to be turned in at the finish for all teams that want to be classified as competitive.

High School teams are also invited to participate and have a discounted registration fee. All team members must be in middle or high school (graduating the year of the relay is okay)


Each person on a competitive 3-member team runs five legs of the race in rotation in the same order.

NONCOMPETIVE (1 - 5 runners)

  • Helter Skelter - this category is for ALL teams that plan to be non-competitive, meaning you won't be running in the standard runner 1 through 5, or 1 through 3, order. No awards will be given in this category.


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