Wild West Relay Exchange 06 Parking

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Wild West Relay Exchange 06 Parking

Location: Livermore Community Church, Livermore, CO - INACTIVE VAN PARKING


From I-25 - Get off I-25 at the Fort Collins Mulberry Street exit (Exit 269B). Go west on Hwy 14 (Mulberry St) for 4 miles to Hwy 287 (College Ave.) in downtown Fort Collins. Then:

From downtown Fort Collins: Go north on Hwy 287 (College Ave). Go north on Hwy 287 for 21 miles to Red Feather Lakes Road. You'll see "The Forks" restaurant at this turnoff. Turn left (west) onto Red Feather Lakes Road (also known as Larimer County Road 74E) and go for .2 miles and you'll see the Livermore Community Church on your right.

Volunteer Parking: Park to the far right of the church at the far end of the parking lot.

Unique to this Exchange:

THIS IS A VAN EXCHANGE. Inactive vans will start arriving to eat and rest well before the runners start to arrive.

The INACTIVE VAN will have a YELLOW sign. ACTIVE VANS will have either an ORANGE or WHITE sign.

Parking Monitor - up to 3

P1 stands at the entrance and waves westbound INACTIVE VANS (Yellow signs ) to enter the driveway to the church to park. Direct westbound vans with ORANGE and WHITE signs to continue to the Elementary School; P2 directs vans to P3 (if available) who shows vans exactly where to park so as not to waste space. If vans with ORANGE signs are headed eastbound, direct them to turn into the church to park.

Equipment at the Exchange will be:
A notebook with Exchange Instructions
1 Orange Safety Vest per volunteer
1 Orange Flag and/or Lighted Baton (for night exchanges) for each Parking Monitor for directing vans
Garbage can, extra garbage bags and toilet paper

After the last team/runner, Volunteers should sweep the area and pick up any trash, tie off the garbage bags, and collect all the equipment. Volunteers need to wait until the sweep truck arrives to have their equipment checked in before leaving.

Exchange Notes:

The First Shift of Volunteers is scheduled to arrive 30 minutes BEFORE the first INACTIVE VAN is PROJECTED to arrive.

The second shift, if applicable, is scheduled to arrive 15 minutes before the schedule end of the first to allow time for the new race marshals to learn what to do.

The exchange equipment is stored in one of the portable toilets at Exchange 6 - look for the portable toilet with a lock. The combination is "195". In the portable toilet, you will find two orange looper tubes with a yellow ribbon and a trash can.

All the equipment is in the trash can. You will find: a reflective safety vest for each volunteer (these must be worn by each volunteer), garbage bags for the trash can, extra toilet paper, either red flags or red batons (these are for the parking monitors to use to direct traffic), a clipboard and pen, and a notebook. Remove all the equipment and set up the trash can with a garbage bag by the Portable Toilet. Tie all the extra garbage bags to the trash can handles so they are easily available when a bag fills up.

All important paperwork is in the notebook: exchange time sheet, staff contact phone numbers, Volunteer Responsibilities, and a map of the exchange. ALL VOLUNTEERS should review the map and volunteer responsibilities

(1.) Reading and following the volunteer's responsibilities and duties to ensure a safe and smooth running exchange that respects the private property we have permission to use.
(2.) Setting up the highway crossing as detailed in instructions and the exchange map
(3.) Enforcing the following rules:
a. No active runner should be permitted to leave the exchange if wearing ear buds/headphones/iPod. If a runner departs anyway, you must note their Team number (bib number) and contact the Race Director Immediately
b. Any active runner that comes into the Runner Exchange Zone wearing ear buds/headphones/iPod - note their Team number (bib number) and contact the Race Director Immediately
c. Runners should be using the portable toilets and not relieving themselves on private property

VOLUNTEER DUTIES - you can decide amongst yourselves who will do which task:

* Your primary responsibility is to make sure the runners run on the correct road shoulder and cross the highway safely.
* Make a note of the bib number of any runners who are wearing headphones and contact the race director immediately. Hold them in place if possible.
* Note any negative incidents or any other rule violations and contact the race director immediately.
* Pick up any trash you might see.

.Our SWEEP TRUCK will be following the last runner on the course and should arrive at the Runner Crossing just before or just after the last runner. You can start collecting all the gear to help load onto the truck, but you need to wait for the sweep truck to check in your equipment before you leave.




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