Exchange 3 - Intersection Seven Mile Ln & Hwy 34

CWR Leg 3

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Exchange 3 - Intersection Seven Mile Ln & Hwy 34

Location: Intersection of Seven Mile Rd and Hwy 34


From I-5 South: From I-5, turn right (east) at Hwy 34 (exit 228), then:

From I-5 North: From I-5, turn left (east) at Hwy 34 (exit 228), then:

Go east .6 miles to intersection of Seven Mile Rd

Volunteer Parking: Park on shoulder of Seven Mile Rd north of Hwy 34 and exchange

Unique to this Exchange:

Depending on the number of teams that register, this exchange will have two to three volunteers. If only two, the top priority is to manage the incoming and departing runners. If more than two, the third volunteer will help with the parking and safe entry/exit of the team vehicles.

This exchange is run differently than all the others due to Hwy 34. The two volunteers managing the incoming and departing runners will use 2-way radios we supply.

One race marshal needs to be on each side of Hwy 34. These two race marshals help each team's next runner safely cross Hwy 34 to the side side with instructions to wait there at the runner exchange. When their active running teammate arrives at the north side of the intersection, the race marshal on the north side of the highway will radio the race marshal at the runner exchange on the south side of the highway to have that team's next runner start. Use the bib numbers so the correct team's runner starts running.

The third race marshal will help the team vehciles with where to park and to make sure they exit safely.

See Leg 3 Exchange map.

Exchange Notes:

A CWR Staff person will meet volunteers at their location and give them a bright orange vest that must be worn, a notebook that will have instructions for that location, and two two-way radios. Volunteers are responsible for being ON TIME and must staff their assigned location until the Staff Sweep Truck comes to pick up their equipment after the last runner passes.

If a volunteers does not show up, the team they are representing will be disqualified and not permitted to continue.

Please document the bib number of any runner/team that does not follow your instructions and report the incident to the Race director.

There will be a clipboard with a time sheet. The volunteer managing the runner exchange on the north side of the exchange should note the time each team arrives.

Thank you for volunteering!