Exch 22 - Armitage Nursery

CWR Leg 22

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Exch 22 - Armitage Nursery

Location: Intersection of Coburg Rd and Game Farm Rd


From I-5 South: From I-5, Exit 195 East bound, then:

From I-5 North: From I-5, Exit 195 East bound, then:

Go east on Beltline Rd to first intersection with Gateway St. Turn left (north) on Gateway St - becomes Game Farm Rd. Go north 1.6 miles to intersection with Coburg Rd and park. See Leg 22 map.

Volunteer Parking: Park in parking lot near intersection

Unique to this Exchange:

Runners will be approaching on the south side of the road facing traffic. Race marshal is responsible for making sure participants don't wander on to the roads and direct departing runner to stay on the same side of the road (facing traffic) and to run on the sidewalk or, if no sidewalk, in the bike lane. (Lane Country permit requirement).

Also, please make sure team vehicles are not blocking the Armitage Nursery sign or blocking the access roads.

Exchange Notes:

Note any team's bib number that does not follow your directions.