Exch 15 - Priceboro Dr

CWR Leg 15

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Exch 15 - Priceboro Dr

Location: Shoulder opposite intersection with Lake Creek Dr on Gap Rd


From I-5 South: From I-5, turn left (west) at Exit 209, then:

From I-5 North: From I-5, turn right (east) at Exit 209, then:

Go west on Diamond Hill Rd .4 miles to intersection with N Coburg Rd. Turn left (south) on N Coburg Rd. Go south 2.0 miles to intersection with Priceboro Rd and turn left (east). Go east 1.1 miles to Exchange 15. See Leg 15 map.

Volunteer Parking: Park on shoulder opposite exchange

Unique to this Exchange:

Runner Exchange Area is marked with a traffic cone (see drawing of Exchange Map). Record Runner Exchange Times and incidents on Exchange Time Records which is inside exchange notebook.

Exchange Notes: